Snooz® Travel Bottle Set

Snooz® Travel Bottle Set

Snooz® Travel Bottle Set

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We've made travelling that much simpler... (and stylish). Store all your liquid essentials in our easy-to-squeeze travel bottle set. 

✓ Carry your essentials
✓ Under the 100ml limit
✓ Easy-to-squeeze

✓ Color-coded for ease

Not enjoying your brand new squeezables? Don't worry, you're covered with our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. No questions asked. 

Our happy snoozers.

"Finally I can actually sleep on a plane! Snooz is a game changer. It's super comfy and I never get any neck pain after using it."

Katie Carter

"After trying many in the past, this is the best travel pillow I've ever used. If you travel a lot, you NEED to get one. I'm in love with mine."

Brian Malando

"You won't regret buying this travel pillow. I get a great sleep every time I use it. The neck support is fantastic. Give it a go!" 

Alice Dawson
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